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Selection : Kid
Impact Kid
rerefence : ImpactKid
Crankarms: PCD 110 mm 130/145/150/155 mm from Aluminium 6061-T6 Silver anodized
Chainrings: Type 110 S 5083 silver anodized 9/10 speeds available teeth combination: 44/34 - 42/34 Stainless steel screws
Recommended bottom bracket: JP 400 aluminium cups length 107 mm (conical square JIS)
581 g
JP 400 AL
rerefence : JP400ALU
Material-Conception : Steel monobloc body Aluminium cups Hollow steel axle
Size : 107/110/113/115/119/120/122 mm, 68 mm and 70 mm frame boxes (BSC/ITAL)
Conical square JIS (Screw M8)
372 g
JP 400 Plastique
rerefence : JP400_Plastique
Material-Conception : Steel monobloc body Plastic cups Hollow steel axle
Size : Lg 107/110/113/115/119/122/127/131 mm 68 mm frame boxes (BSC)
Standard: Conical square JIS (Vis M8)
280 g
Messenger Bottom Bracket
rerefence : 205647
Material-Conception : Steel monobloc body Steel cups Hollow steel axle
Compatible: "Messenger Stronglight" Crank Sets
Size : 103 mm, 68 mm frame boxes (BSC)
Conical square JIS (Screw M8)
372 g
Mix Clip
rerefence : MixClip
System: The stainless steel screw fixes the stay and fastens the clip onto the mudguard. To be used with 3,4 mm stays.
3 g
Safe Clip
rerefence : safeclip
The safety feature for front mudguards.
Specially designed for 3,4 mm V-stays Meets the
EN requirements tested and approved by the german TÜV
4 g
Spoilers + Reflectors / Bavettes + Catadioptres
rerefence : bavettes_catadioptres
It optimises the mud protection on short mudguards.
Spoiler: Available for different width.
Reflector: Different reflectors available.
0 g